Embedded SW Development on Virtual Platforms Workshop

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Dr. Adam Morawiec, ECSI, France
Dr. Frank Oppenheimer, OFFIS, Germany

Embedded software development process and methodologies aims today mainly at simple single-core platforms. Due to power constraints today’s high performance platforms are dominated by multi-core and heterogeneous architectures. To efficiently exploit these platforms in the software development process we need to carefully consider the platform artefacts, features and strengths.
Current software development process is not efficient anymore because of:
  • Long overall development time of software starting late after the underlying hardware platform is available
  • Difficult debugging, testing and validation of software on complex hardware platforms
  • Optimized usage of available resources (hardware, low-level software, …)
  • Cost of optimization, re-spins, bug fixing in both software and hardware
Virtual Platforms offer a viable and powerful solution to the above weaknesses.

Development and integration of embedded software executing on a hardware platform is increasingly becoming a key factor in product differentiations well as in its final market success or failure. Not only does the software development process determine the overall product functionality, it also significantly influences its entire development time. If the software is finished too late then the entire product can fail.

In addition software complexity is growing and consumes significant development and verification time. Add to this the trend towards multi-core architectures today, which makes them challenging to analyze and debug, and it should come as no surprise that recent studies show that software development effort already surpasses the effort spent on hardware for a typical 90nm SoC design. Furthermore, software becomes an integral part of any system verification concept, as only the combination of hardware and software allows verifying system functionality.

With an ever growing system complexity the industry needs to apply new concepts, paradigms and methods for embedded software development and hardware/software system validation that will be able to tackle with the problems of quality and correctness, providing significant gain in the design productivity and shorten time to market.

It is the belief that such a new way of development will be based on embedded software development on virtual platforms. The concept of system virtualization has been around for almost a decade, during which time the industry started to learn how to build and apply these technologies. Topics of controversy have been the necessary accuracy vs. possible simulation performance, the need for a system-level IP eco system, and the move from tool-specific simulation paradigms towards public standards.

This workshop will cover the state-of-the-art of embedded software development on virtual platforms. This includes technologies and tool environments for building, executing and distributing virtual platforms. It will address existing and upcoming industry standards. Significant room will be given to cover user experience, both from those building virtual platforms, as well as from those deploying virtual platforms for embedded software development, or software-driven system validation.

Lessons learned, problems solved, remaining issues will be shared with the participants.

Target Audience:

  • Embedded software developers: application, hardware dependent software, and driver developers
  • Embedded system developers
  • Software verification engineers
  • Virtual platform developers


Embedded world Conference:
22 Sessions and 13 Classes in three days!

The embedded world Exhibition & Conference is the world's biggest exhibition of its kind and the meeting-place of the international embedded community. Embedded technologies are in action everywhere - whether in the car, data and telecommunication systems, industrial and consumer electronics, military systems or aerospace. 803 exhibitors showed 19,022 qualified visitors the full range of products for embedded technologies in 2011: hardware, software, tools, services and lots more.

The embedded world Conference 2012 will be celebrating ten years of the conference in parallel with embedded world Exhibition 2012. This annual combined event has been growing rapidly to become the focal meeting point for the embedded systems community and is a must-attend event for all embedded systems engineers.

Without a doubt, the embedded world community meeting this year is going to be a very special celebration, our celebration. We want to showcase the "best of embedded", how the success of industries is built on our innovative ideas, why we are at the forefront of engineers who live up to the economic and technical challenges of the future.

We are very pleased to welcome one of the founders of ARM, Mr. Mike Muller, as keynote speaker! The conference keynote on February 28, 2012, is open to all attendees, visitors and exhibitors of embedded world Exhibition&Conference 2012.

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