IP-XACT 2010

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The Future of IP-XACT / IEEE 1685

an ECSI Workshop

November 29, 2010
Grenoble, France

(2010 workshop in conjunction with IP-SOC)

In the last years industry has spent a significant effort in developing and evolving the IP-XACT standard to incorporate relevant features. This standard has been used successfully by large SoC providers and system houses into production flows and its usage solves critical issues: standardizing the management of heterogeneous IP portfolios, supporting growing complexity in RTL design assembly, providing a backbone for ESL methodologies. IP-XACT is now recognized as IEEE 1685 and undisputed but cannot sit on its laurels. Thus it is crucial today to take a careful look into strategic evolutions required to take in account system aspects like TLM or HW/SW interfaces, power analysis, early prototyping, AMS, verification, debug, etc. The question still is where are the priorities and major needs?

Beyond the technical questions, what are the business reasons to invest into the adoption of IP-XACT? What is the business mode for system, SoC and eventually EDA companies?

The workshop will gather the representatives from all industry sectors: System companies, SoC integrators, EDA providers, IP providers, standardization bodies, research to analyze the current situation and help to draw conclusions.


We invite you to actively participate in this event so that your voice will be heard and contribute to the community-wide reflection.

Please, let us know if you wish to give a presentation at the event. The contribution may concern:

  • Lessons learned from the current usage of IP-XACT in your company, success stories, difficulties
  • Requirements for future extensions of IP-XACT and reasoning behind
  • Internal studies
  • Perspectives
  • Critics

The workshop agenda will encompass the sessions: industry perspectives and requirements, EDA perspectives, panels, standardization roadmaps and activities.


The companies/organizations invited are among others:
Accellera, ARM, Arteris, Atrenta, Cadence, Duolog, Freescale, Mentor Graphics, Magillem, Nokia, NXP, ST-Ericsson, Sonics, STMicroelectronics, Synopsys, Virage, TI, …

Interested parties are welcome to contact Adam [dot] Morawiec [at] ecsi [dot] org for more details.

World Trade Center
Centre de Congrès et Seminaire
7 Place Robert Schuman
38000 Grenoble, France
Room: Cervin

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