Embedded Software Development Using Virtual Platforms

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Embedded Software Development Using Virtual Platforms

an ECSI Workshop

April 1st, 2009, 14:00-18:00
Paris Expo, Porte de Versailles, Hall 8, France
(in conjunction with RTS Embedded Systems)


Workshop description (PDF)


Embedded software has long been identified to be the key functional differentiator in applications such as wireless, multimedia, networking, aerospace and automotive. Even more, today's complex hardware can no longer be sold without the associated software running on it, the best architected chip design will fail in the market if its associated software is late or insufficient. The embedded software developer faces the challenge of increased software complexity, combined with increased debugging complexity due to advanced hardware features such as multicore devices. Addressing the increase in complexity requires starting software development as early as possible, a sequential design flow (hardware-followed-by-software development) often is no longer suited.

Embedded software development using virtual platforms is one of the key concepts to address the needs of parallelized hardware / software development. This workshop provides an overview of virtual platform technology and underlying concepts, such as the SystemC TLM-2.0 standard. Major focus will be given to case studies illustrating the experience of software developers deploying virtual platforms. In typical projects productive software development could start 9-12 months prior to silicon availability.


14:00 - 14:05: Welcome (ECSI)
14:05 - 15:35: Tutorial: Virtual Platforms for embedded SW development (Synopsys)
15:35 - 15:50: Break
15:50 - 16:35: Case Study: USB Driver and protocol stack development using Virtual Platforms (emsys)
16:35 - 17:20: Case Study: Embedded SW Development on Virtual Platforms for AUTOSAR (GeenSys)
17:20 - 17:30: Wrap-up (ECSI)
17:30 - 18:30: Come-together, with some wine and cheese

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