Systems-on-Chip Debug Standards

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 Systems-on-Chip Debug Standards

an ECSI Workshop

April 16, 2007
Nice France

(in conjunction with DATE 2007 Conference)

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Motivation & Objectives
The number of working groups addressing the debug standards largely increased recently (2 in 2002, 4 in 2004, 8 in 2006, 10-11 in 2007?). Potentially, there is some overlap in these standardization efforts.

We need to ensure that we address the right problems with adequate solutions in terms of practical and adopted standards. To do so first we need to have a clear picture what are the key advanced features the standardization should address: SW interface and APIs?, performance issues?, next generation JTAG?.There is a need to understand various standardization efforts and activities in the area of SoCs integration debug: their content, scope, status and roadmaps.

The workshop will present the landscape of the standardization activities, with their objectives, motivation and technical advancement. It will also give the possibility to the SoC developers to express their needs in terms of methods, required standards and tool support.The outcome will be to have a better understanding of the industry needs, emerging solutions and missing parts in the SoC debug area.


Session 1: Introduction
Overview of standardization activities, tendencies, emerging solutions.

Anthony Berent (ARM)
Neal Stollon (FS2 Division, MIPS Technologies)

Session 2: Industry Needs and Requirements
System and SoC companies’ overview of needs.

Serge de Paoli (STMicroelectronics) (TBC)
Albrecht Mayer (Infineon)
NXP Semiconductors (TBC)
Texas Instruments (TBC)
Rolf Kuehnis (Nokia) (TBC)

Session 3: Standardization
Overview of the existing or emerging standardization activities.

Anthony Berent (ARM) SPIRIT Debug WG
Ben Bennetts (TBC) / Neal Stollon IEEE P1687 IJTAG
CJTAG Representative (TBC) IEEE 1149.7 CJTAG
Maurice Lousberg / Erik Jan Marinissen (TBC) IEEE 1450 Core Test Language
Neal Stollon (MIPS Technologies) Nexus 5001
Rolf Kuehnis (Nokia) MIPI Debug
Jeffrey Phillips (OCP-IP) (TBC) / Neal Stollon OCP-IP Debug WG
Markus Levy (Backdraft) / Neal Stollon Multicore Association Debug WG
Albrecht Mayer (Infineon) SPRINT Debug WG
Mark Burton (GreenSocs) GreenSoCs Debug API

Session 4: Industrial Debug Solutions
Nizar Romdhane (ARM) ARM RealView Debug Solution
William Orme (ARM) ARM CoreSight SoC Debug Architecture
Stephan Lauterbach (Lauterbach) Lauterbach Debug Tools
Doug Gaff (WindRiver) Eclipse Embedded Debug DSDP
Neal Stollon (MIPS Technologies) FS2/MIPS Debug Products
Albrecht Mayer (Infineon) Multi-Core Debug Solution MCDS
Ric Vilbig (Mentor Graphics) Mentor Graphics SW/HW DebugCoWare Representative (TBC) CoWare SoC Debug

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