Transaction Level Modelling Standards

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 Transaction Level Modelling Standards

an ECSI Workshop

December 4, 2006
Grenoble, France

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The TLM Standards workshop organised by ECSI in conjunction with the IP/SOC Conference, has the main objective to provide the audience with an update on Transaction Level Modelling related standards. It is not by chance that it is organised precisely at that point of time: in December the new version 2.0 of the OSCI TLM Standard will be published for public review. Also the IP-XACT standard of the SPIRIT Consortium evolved significantly to cover TLM concepts in its forthcoming specification 1.4. Moreover, the EDA and IP companies announce their significant support for these approaching standards in terms of API interface standards defined on top of TLM2.0, compatible libraries and models, as well as support services e.g. in modelling.

All this dynamic evolution gives enough reasons to meet and to discuss different points of view. However, there are questions, which seem to be more important than others: will the TLM2.0-compliant models interoperable? How to prove this interoperability in the multi-source and multi-tool environment?

This event is intended to give crucial elements to answer these (and other!) questions, and to unite the community to give a complete overview of what we have now available in terms of standards, tools, interfaces, libraries, design environment … and to reflect together what we still need to do in the future.


1. SystemC TLM 2.0 Overview (1h)
General OSCI update (general progress, events, new WGs)
Presenter: Mike Meredith, OSCI President (TBC)

SystemC TLM 2.0 Standard Proposal

  • initial requirements and problems addressed
  • concepts covered
  • content of the standard
  • solutions agreed
  • open issues to be solved
  • evolution comparing to the version 1.0
  • roadmap and next steps
  • community input expected

Presenter: Alain Clouard, ST

2. Q&A Session: discussion with the audience on SystemC TLM 2.0 (0h30)
Panelists: OSCI TLM WG members: ST, NXP, ARM, CoWare, Cadence, Mentor Graphics

3. SPIRIT at TLM: IP-XACT (0h30)

  • update on evolution and changes
  • roadmap

Presenters: J.M. Fernandez (Cadence) / N. Romdhane (ARM)

4. Users Requirements Session (1h15)
Presentation from system and SoC companies on expectations, current practices.

  • STMicroelectronics business division
  • Texas Instruments
  • Siemens
  • NXP / Infineon / Freescale
  • Bosch / Thomson / Nokia / Thales / Tensilica

5. TLM Standard Support Session (1h45)
The session presents the solutions at the TLM:

TLM Modelling Libraries & Protocole and IP Models

  • RealView ESL API Interface - Presenter Nizar Romdhane, ARM
  • OCP Protocol at TLM - Presenter OCP-IP
  • Presentation from Cadence, CoWare, Mentor Graphics, Synopsys

TLM Tool Support and Services: Forte Design, GreenSocs, Silicomp, SpiraTech, VaST

6. Panel: With the OSCI TLM 2.0 are the TLM interoperable? When and hot to industry prove the interoperability of multi-source TLM models? With the participation of ARM, ST, Infineon, Synopsys, TI, VaST Systems

7. Parallel Demo and Networking Session (1h30)
ARM, CoWare, Cadence, Forte Design Systems, Mentor Graphics, Silicomp, SpiraTech, Synopsys, VaST

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