Platform Modelling and Performance Analysis

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Platform Modelling and Performance Analysis

an ECSI Workshop

December 9, 2005
Grenoble, France

(in conjunction with IP/SoC Conference)

Workshop description (PDF)


This event organised by ECSI is one of the series of workshops that address advanced topics in system design. This time the focus is on platform-based design. However, not all hot topics in this wide area will be addressed, but rather the modelling and performance analysis aspects will be in the spot, leaving other aspects like verification, debugging, programming, … possibly for the upcoming events.

As SoCs grow there has been an increased interest in "platform-based design", but there are a number of problems ranging from verification, analysis and indeed programming of the platform. This workshop will focus on one of these topics, which is of most interest to platform users (and is by no means an easy problem): platform modelling and analysis.

Some of the open questions are:
1. What can the platform creators "characterise" in order to make the platform use easier?
2. What tools do platform users need?
3. What kind of business model is likely going to work, for platform creators and users (for both tools and IP)?

The workshop will be run as three sessions with presentations done by invited speakers with an extended panel discussion at the end of each session.

Contributing companies:
CoFluent, CoWare, Evatronix, GreenSocs, KeesDA, Mentor Graphics, Nokia, ST, Tensilica, TI, VaST, Xilinx

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