12 Fastest Ways to Farm Gold in Old School RuneScape (2024)

Farm Gold in Old School RuneScape

Old School RuneScape, a nostalgic journey for many, remains an ever-evolving adventure in 2024. In this dynamic world, acquiring gold efficiently is a vital skill.

This blog post reveals the top 12 methods for farming gold in OSRS, tailored for both beginners and veterans. Each method is designed to optimize your gold-earning potential, ensuring a rich and enjoyable gaming experience.

1. Mastering Slayer Tasks

Slayer tasks, a popular method for earning gold, involve eliminating specific monsters assigned by Slayer masters.

  • Benefits of Slayer Tasks: They not only reward you with gold but also improve your combat skills. As your Slayer level increases, you gain access to more lucrative monsters, which drop valuable items and resources.
  • Efficient Strategy: To maximize gold from Slayer tasks focus on tasks with high-reward monsters. Equip the best gear you can afford and use combat-boosting potions to speed up your kills, increasing your gold per hour.

2. Skilling for Profit

Skilling is a non-combat method that can yield significant gold, especially with high-level skills.

  • High-level skilling: Mining, Fishing, and Woodcutting become profitable at higher levels. Mining Runite ore, catching Sharks, and chopping Magic logs are excellent ways to earn gold.
  • Balancing Skill Levels: To maximize profits from skilling, level up multiple profitable skills. This diversification allows you to switch between activities, preventing monotony and taking advantage of market fluctuations.

3. Playing the Grand Exchange

The Grand Exchange is RuneScape’s marketplace, where players can buy and sell items. Mastering it can be highly profitable.

  • Flipping Items: Flipping involves buying items at a low price and selling them at a higher price on platforms like PlayerAuctions. Study market trends to identify items with high demand and low supply, such as OSRS Gold, which is always in demand. This strategy requires keen market insight but can yield substantial profits.
  • Investing in Rare Items: Investing in rare items in Old School RuneScape, like party hats or discontinued artifacts, can yield significant profits. These items often appreciate in value over time, providing lucrative long-term investment opportunities. Successful investing requires market knowledge and patience, as the real payoff comes from holding these items for an extended period.

4. Participating in Raids

Raids are high-level group challenges that offer valuable rewards, making them a great way to farm gold.

  • Raid Rewards: Completing raids like Chambers of Xeric or Theatre of Blood provides a chance at rare, high-value items. These items, like the Twisted Bow, can be sold for a massive amount of gold.
  • Forming Effective Raid Teams: Team up with experienced players for efficient raid completion. Good communication and teamwork significantly increase your chances of success and profitability.

5. Farming Rune Dragons

Rune Dragons, introduced in recent years, are a consistent source of income for high-level players.

  • High Combat Requirements: Farming Rune Dragons requires high combat levels and gear. They drop valuable items like Rune bars and Dragon limbs.
  • Efficient Killing Methods: Use high-level gear and potions for faster kills. Understanding their attack patterns minimizes damage and increases kills per hour, boosting your gold earnings.

6. Crafting Runes

Crafting Runes in runescape
Source: runescape.wiki

RuneCrafting, though slow to level, can be extremely profitable at higher levels.

  • Crafting High-Level Runes: Crafting runes like Nature runes or Death runes provide substantial profits. The high demand for these runes ensures a steady income.
  • Utilizing Multiple Run Pouches: Using multiple rune pouches increases the number of runes you can craft per trip, maximizing your profits per hour.

7. Herb Farming

Farming herbs is a low-effort, consistent method for making gold.

  • Choosing Profitable Herbs: Grow herbs with high market value like Ranarr or Snapdragon. Their seeds are cheaper compared to the herbs’ selling price.
  • Efficient Farming Cycles: Maximize profits by adhering to farming cycles. Utilize all available herb patches to increase your yield per cycle.

8. Hunter Skill

The Hunter skill offers unique methods for earning gold, particularly at higher levels.

  • Hunting Chinchompas: Red and Black Chinchompas are highly sought after for their use in Ranged training. Hunting them provides a steady income.
  • Utilizing Birdhouses: Birdhouse runs, done alongside regular hunting activities, add an extra source of income and Hunter experience.

9. Looting Wilderness Bosses

Wilderness bosses present high-risk but high-reward opportunities for gold farming.

  • Killing High-Level Wilderness Bosses: Venanatis, Callisto, and Vet’ion drop valuable items like the Treasonous ring. However, the Wilderness is a PvP area, so be cautious.
  • Efficient Wilderness Strategies: Use gear that balances good combat stats with low risk. Always be prepared for player encounters and know the escape routes.

10. Alchemy with Magic

Alchemy with Magic Runescape
Source: thegamer.com

High-Level Alchemy, a magic skill, converts items into gold. It’s a consistent, low-risk method for gold farming.

  • Choosing Alchemy Items: Items like rune equipment and certain drops from monsters have high alchemy values. Buy these items in bulk and alchemize them for profit.
  • Combining Alchemy with Other Activities: Alchemy can be done alongside other activities like skilling. This multitasking increases your overall gold per hour.

11. Participating in Minigames

Certain minigames in RuneScape offer profitable rewards, adding variety to your gold farming methods.

  • Profitable Minigames: Minigames like the Gauntlet or Pest Control offer rewards that can be sold for a high price. They also provide a fun alternative to regular farming methods.
  • Balancing Fun and Profit: Choose minigames that you enjoy but also consider their reward value. This balance keeps the game enjoyable while earning gold.

12. Bounty Hunter and PvP

For players skilled in PvP, Bounty Hunter and other PvP activities offer lucrative rewards.

  • Earning through Player Kills: Killing your target in Bounty Hunter provides loot from the opponent and Bounty Hunter points, which can be exchanged for valuable items.
  • Risk and Reward Management: PvP is risky; you can lose gear upon death. Manage your risk by using affordable but effective gear and learning PvP strategies.


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In conclusion, farming gold in Old School RuneScape in 2024 offers a variety of methods, catering to different play styles and levels. Whether you prefer combat, skilling, or playing the market, there’s a profitable method for you.

Remember to stay updated with game changes and market trends to maximize your earnings. Happy gold farming!

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