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S4D 2009
System, Software, SoC and Silicon Debug Conference

September 24-25, 2009
Sophia Antipolis


Conference Chair:
Albrecht Mayer, Infineon

Adam Morawiec, ECSI

(co-located with FDL & DASIP)

Download the S4D 2009 Conference Program in PDF

You can design it, but can you also debug it?

Debug is a critical factor for electronic product quality and avoiding product delays. It covers a wide range of issues, from conceptual performance analysis on system level down to finding sporadic bugs of the real silicon. These problems are complicated by a variety of requirements for multi-core SoCs, which introduce many new debug issues related to software and performance concerns. System-level, SoC-level, embedded Software and Silicon debug are topics with considerable visibility, due to their importance for improving the maturity and time to market of electronic products. Significant related activity has been focused into standardization of debug oriented interfaces, features and methodologies. As part of a holistic approach to system design, debug methods increasingly facilitate architecture analysis and optimization at many levels of the design process. Debug is also a challenge for software development and tools to support chips with many cores, and several efforts are ongoing to address development and standardization of the software interfaces used to debug multi-core applications.

The S4D Conference has evolved from several industry workshops organized by ECSI in the area of debug and provides a forum for work and standardization efforts related to debug of electronic systems, with a focus on multi-core SoC. The conference addresses a vast set of requirements from system and SoC companies with regard to debug methods and tools. It includes efforts from IEEE and other standards working groups, including the Nexus 5001 Forum, IJTAG (IEEE P1687), IEEE P1149.7, industry working groups including OCP-IP, the Multicore Association (MCA), the Accellera - SPIRIT Consortium and Eclipse and industry R&D projects contributing to debug and related tools and methods development. The S4D Conference event also allows presentation and discussion of existing and new commercial debug tools and products related to electronic (silicon and software) methods, devices, and systems. In summary, the S4D conference provides a forum for discussing research, scientific and commercial development in the areas of system, software, SoC and silicon debug.

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