HiPEAC 2014 Tutorial

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9th International Conference on High-Performance and Embedded Architectures and Compilers

HiPEAC 2014 PaPP Tutorial

January 20-22,
Vienna, Austria

Portable and Predictable Performance on Heterogeneous Embedded Manycores - The PaPP Project Approach and Experience.


The PaPP project aims to provide software development methods and tools for embedded software on multi-core platforms that enable application performance predictability and portability. Current development practices cannot manage performance requirements in the same way that they manage functional requirements, yet performance predictability and portability becomes ever more important for the industry as it tries to cope with increasing complexity of embedded software and hardware diversity, and subsequent hardware generations replace each other ever more frequently. Also, embedded systems have to reach a given performance level while using a minimum amount of resources, while general computing applications – and development tools – aim to maximize performance given fixed hardware resources. Using general-purpose development tools for many-core embedded systems usually results in resource over-provisioning.

The PaPP project aims to make performance predictable and controllable at each development phase, from system modeling over its implementation to its execution. PaPP aims to leverage the task-based programming model for platform-independent resource requirement analysis given application performance requirements. PaPP’s run-time system provides for dynamic adaptation through component re-configuration, which will enable PaPP applications to adjust to changing resource availability and QoS requirements. The PaPP project includes also a hardware platform
work package that provides several hardware platforms, including a virtual one, that provide performance and energy consumption monitoring needed for run-time system adaptation. PaPP validates its approach based on industrial use cases and provides demonstrators in the areas of multimedia, telecommunications, avionics and space, and mobile communication.

In this PaPP tutorial, we are going to present and demonstrate some of the developed tools and preliminary results achieved during the first project year. We will discuss our experiences from working with the tools on industrial applications. The presentations will focus the following topics:
- The industrial use cases used in the project
- High-level modeling methodologies and tools developed in the project
- The innovative middleware developed in the project which allows software to adapt to changes in the execution platform.


Half day tutorial. Talks with demos.

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