DATE 2014 Friday Workshop - 3PMCES - Call for Contributions

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3PMCES Workshop

Title: Performance, Power and Predictability of Many-Core Embedded Systems

March 28, 2014
Dresden, Germany

DATE 2014 Friday Workshop

Call For Papers (PDF)

Scope of the Workshop
The scope of the workshop is to address challenges of embedded portable software development on multi-core structures related to various performance aspects, power efficiency, correctness and reliability including aging.

Information and communication technology-based service and product innovation is limited by the growing vertical chain of dependencies on poorly interoperable proprietary technologies. This issue was identified to have high impact on innovation and productivity of embedded systems. Real-time applications for heterogeneous, networked, embedded many-core systems suffer from the lack of trusted pathways to system realization and application deployment. Service and product development efforts are high with many uncertainties and technical as well as economical risks discouraging such ventures.

There are attempts to put in place holistically designed ecosystems from application to silicon. The ecosystems need to be realized as tightly integrated multi-vendor solutions and tool chains complementing existing standards and enable application performance predictability and portability. It is expected that these efforts will enable significant reductions of the total cost of ownership, shorter time-to-market, and decrease the number of development assets. Also, embedded systems have to reach a given performance level while using a minimum amount of resources, while general computing applications – and development tools – aim to maximize performance given fixed hardware resources. Using general-purpose development tools for many-core embedded systems usually results in resource over-provisioning.

The workshop will present current state of these efforts, achieved results so far and will devise future ways of potential further enhancements. It will address key challenges in the provision of integrated solutions, among which secure, reliable, and timely operation, back-annotation based forward system governance, tool-tool, tool-middleware, and middleware-hardware exchange interfaces, and energy management with minimal run-time overhead.

Besides conceptual solutions, it will give an overview of practical in-field experiments on real industry projects provided for "seamless connectivity and middleware" by realizing a common middleware layer that is designed to support new wireless communication standards while being portable across different platforms. It will also demonstrate some of the developed tools and preliminary results achieved in three European projects: CRAFTERS (, PaPP ( and RELY ( We will discuss the experiences from working with the tools on industrial applications.

Target Audience
Embedded system, hardware platforms and application SW developers and researchers from industry and academia.

Call for Papers Technical Areas:
The event will focus on the following areas (but is not limited to them, presentations will also be sought from areas outside of the list below):

  • Real-time applications for heterogeneous, networked, embedded many-core systems
  • Software portability with preservation/predictability of performance
  • Secure, reliable, and timely operation of embedded many-core systems
  • Reliability of MPSoC under aging, soft errors and PVT variation
  • Performance and power modeling and predictability for parallel platforms
  • Back-annotation based forward system governance
  • Tool-tool, tool-middleware, and middleware-hardware exchange interfaces
  • Energy management with minimal run-time overhead for eSW development
  • Adaptation of parallel SW to different many-core platforms, including an adaptive runtime system


Deadlines for regular papers

  • Submission Deadline: December 1, 2013
  • Notification of Acceptance: December 15, 2013
  • Final Camera Ready: February 15, 2014


Deadlines for poster presentations

  • Abstract submission deadline: February 15
  • Notification of acceptance: March 1
  • Final poster and accompanying paper deadline (up to 2 pages): March 22


Submission Guidelines
We are looking for submission of research papers and industry experience reports (full papers up to 4 pages, posters presentations accompanied by a short paper up to 2 pages).

Papers should be submitted electronically in the PDF format using the EasyChair conference manager:

Formatting style according to the IEEE rules:

Templates are provided for Microsoft Word and LaTeX. For more information, see:

All submitted papers will be reviewed on the basis of technical quality, relevance, significance, and clarity. At least three reviews for each paper will be assigned. Accepted papers will NOT be included in the DATE proceedings, but ECSI regular proceedings will be issued from the event and referenced in the DBLP.

Poster requirements

  • Please submit a PDF version of your poster to office [at] ecsi [dot] org by March 22.
  • Please submit your final paper through EasyChair by March 22.
  • Authors must bring a pre-printed poster to the conference. We will not print the poster for you.
  • Poster Size A0: 1189mm x 841mm (46.8" x 33.1"), vertical (portrait)/ no horizontal (landscape). 1 sheet of paper, not a collection of A4 papers.
  • Please add your picture and contact information to the poster


Organizing Committee
Tapani Ahonen - senior scientist at Technoconsult (TC), Denmark and an Assistant Professor at Tampere University of Technology (TUT), Finland.
Mats Brorsson - professor of Computer Architecture at KTH, Sweden and a senior researcher at Swedish Institute of Computer Science (SICS).
Sven Karlsson - associate professor at DTU Informatics, DTU, Denmark.
Adam Morawiec - director ECSI.
Walter Stechele - associate professor at Technical University of Munich (TUM), Germany.


office [at] ecsi [dot] org (subject: DATE%202014%3E3PMCES) (ECSI Office)
adam [dot] morawiec [at] ecsi [dot] org (subject: DATE%202014%3E3PMCES) (Adam Morawiec)
Tel: +33 4 69 31 38 54

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