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S4D 2011 Social Event

A guided tour in Munich

The S4D2011 social event starts with a guided tour in the Munich city center: Stroll through the City Center. Munich's history started with the salt trade - and what happened then? During our walk in the center of town we will learn  how the city developed and what events had a lasting influence until today. We will hear about Munich's foundation and history, traditions and customs, modern town planning and development, rents and prices, topical subjects and every day life in Munich today and - of course - about the beer!

Restaurant 'Augustiner am Dom'

Following the guided tour we will dine at the restaurant 'Augustiner am Dom', and will taste a typical Bavarian menu.

Augustiner am Dom:

Frauenplatz 8
80331 München
Tel.: (49) 089 / 23 23 84 80
Fax: (49) 089 / 23 23 83 94


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