S4D 2010 Best Paper & Poster Award

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System, Software, SoC

and Silicon Debug

S4D Conference 2010

Paper Award

SoC Platform Software Debug
with Intel’s SVEN and OMAR


Intel Corporation, USA

Debugging is single most time-consuming task for embedded developers, more than double any other activity. Any investment in effective debug tools and infrastructure accelerates product release.

SoC Software complexity is rising fast, embedded SoCs have transitioned from tens of thousands of lines of code to millions. From one processor to multiple, heterogeneous CPUs. SoC software debug capability must scale with software complexity.

SVEN and OMAR are software and hardware technologies that increase silicon and software debug throughput by enabling many observed end-to-end bugs to be root-caused the first time they occur. They do this by collecting verbose histories of silicon, software, and firmware events leading up to a failure.

SVEN is a software technology (and API) that collects real-time, full-system visible software “event traces.”

OMAR is a Silicon feature (on all Intel consumer electronics platforms) that efficiently collects traces of hundreds of internal SoC signals into host DRAM. The signals are selected for “platform software” significance.

Best Poster Award

New Analysis Features for Deeply Embedded Hard Real Time Control Chips 

Albrecht Mayer
Infineon Technologies, Germany

Deeply embedded hard real time control chips require powerful but cost effective features for silicon, software and system analysis. This paper presents a zero system cost tool access interface for e.g. field return analysis, structural testing via such an interface, a new way of signal tracing for complex peripherals and new delta triggers for system debugging. The first two features are driven by high pressure on system cost, the second two address analysis aspects which are being introduced by the ever increasing system integration. With these new features, deeply embedded hard real time systems become more manageable during the whole product life cycle.

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