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FDL 2013
Forum on specification & Design Languages

September 24-26, 2013
Paris, France

Conference Venue
Campus des Cordeliers
UPMC - Campus des Cordeliers
21, rue de l'école de médecine 75006 Paris, France

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Directions from Odéon Métro Station (lines 4 and 10 - nearest metro station)
Once you get off the métro at Odéon, you have to follow inside the station the signs for exit 1 marked as "Sortie 1: r. de l'École de Médecine". Once you are outside, you have to turn back in direction of the stairs that you climbed. You will see on the left hand side the big "Boulevard Saint-Germain" and on the right hand side the smaller "rue de l'École de Médecine", where you can enter the Campus de Cordeliers at street number 21.

See the photos below.

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The Cordeliers campus of Université Pierre et Marie Curie is located at n°21 Rue de l’école de médecine in the sixth district in the academic heart of Paris at a site of major historic importance.

In XIII century, the building of the convent of Cordelier, from which remains today the huge dining hall, was constructed inside the fortification of Philippe August, the present Rue Monsieur le Prince.

At the revolution, in 1789, the government took possession of all the buildings and in the refectory, held the meetings of the society of human and civic rights, the famous Club of Cordeliers.

At the beginning of the XIX century,, the convent was destroyed, a hospital was built and a faculty of medicine was opened. Since then, the medical teaching and scientific research have continued to be practiced.

In 1996, Michel Paillard created the Federative Research Institute (IFR58) coordinating three Inserm research units in the fields of renal physiology, nutrition and immunology. In 2001, the scientific potential of IFR58 was reinforced which included 8 Inserm Units and 2 from CNRS. The three major scientific directions have been conserved and common technical facility was created involving cell imaging and transgenesis.

In 2005,Wolf Herve Fridman became the director of the IFR58. Research was heavily emphasized with the objective of creating a Research Center. At that time, 11 Inserm units, 2 from CNRS, an academic team from University Pierre and Marie Curie and a “start up” constituted the IFR8. The technical facilities included a small animal imaging platform, a core facility for in vivo and ex vivo studies of renal functions and the building of a modern animal facility was started.

In 2007, the Cordeliers Research Center is created with Wolf Herve Fridman as the director, gathering about 450 people split into 17 teams grouped under in 4 departments , ”Circulation–Kidney”, “Nutrition, Metabolism, Differentiation”, “Microbiology and Infectious diseases” and “Tissue microenvironment, Immunity and Cancers”.

Looking towards the future, the CRC aims at expanding its research activities through recruitment of new and dynamic groups.


Paris Metro Map
Nearest metro: Odéon

Convenient hotels are located on metro lines 10 or 4. The Montparnasse area has reasonably priced hotels.;dist=0;type=total&lang=fr

Hotel ibis Styles Paris Porte d'Orleans 89 EUR / Nacht

Idéal Hôtel Design;dcid=1;checkin=2013-09-24;checkout=2013-09-25;group_adults=1;group_children=0#availability

Montparnasse Alésia;dcid=1;checkin=2013-09-24;checkout=2013-09-25;dist=0;type=total&lang=fr

Hotel Virgina;dcid=1;checkin=2013-09-24;checkout=2013-09-25;group_adults=1;group_children=0#availability

Hotel St Christophe

Timhotel Jardin des Plantes

Hotel des Arènes

Grand Hotel de Suez

Hotel Minerve

Hotel Saint Jacques

Hotel Familia

Hotel Cluny La Sorbonne

Hotel Mercure

Hotel Sully Saint Germain

Relais Saint Jacques

Résidence Heni IV

Hotel Ibis Bastille


From Odéon Metro station to Confernce Venue





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