Applications of Formal Methods for Specification, Verification and Debug TA Committee

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FDL 2013
Forum on specification & Design Languages

September 24-26, 2013
Paris, France

Prof. Dominique Borrione, TIMA, AFM TA Chair

Dominique Borrione has been a Professor at the University of Grenoble since 1988. Since January 2007, she is the director of TIMA Laboratory. From the University of Grenoble, she received the MSc in Computer Science in 1972, the PhD in Computer Science in 1976, and the Thèse d'Etat in 1981.Before joining TIMA, she was director of the ARTEMIS Laboratory from 1991 to 1995. She was a team leader at ARTEMIS (1988-1995), then at TIMA (1996-2006). From Dec. 1983 to August 1988, she was a Professor at the University of Marseille. She developed the thematic area of formal methods in hardware design, particularly taking as input designs described in VHDL. Most of her research has been supported by contracts, through industrial and academic cooperative projects in the context of the ESPRIT and MEDEA European Programs.

Professor Borrione has published over 90 refereed journal papers, international refereed conference papers, and book chapters. She has been a member of numerous working groups, and program committees of international conference and workshop series (CHDL, CHARME/FMCAD, DATE, SBCCI, VLSI-SOC). She was program chair of CHDL'81, DATE'99, CHARME'05, and FDL'09.


AFM Technical Area Committee

Chair: Dominique Borrione, TIMA Laboratory
Otmane Ait Mohamed , Concordia University
Eduard Cerny, Synopsys
Rolf Drechsler, University of Bremen
Emmanuelle Encrenaz, UPMC LIP6
Harry Foster, Mentor Graphics
Franco Fummi, University of Verona
Laurence Pierre, University of Grenoble
Ashraf Salem, Ain Shams University
Pablo Sanchez, University of Cantabria
Julien Schmaltz, Radboud University Nijmegen
Sebastian Steinhorst, TUM CREATE
Zeljko Zilic, McGill University















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