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FDL 2011
Forum on specification & Design Languages

September 13-15, 2011
Oldenburg, Germany


FDL Social Event
Evening of September 14, 2011

State Museum of Natural History in Oldenburg
The 2011 FDL Social Event will start with a guided tour of the State Museum of Natural History in Oldenburg, feaeturing a special exhibition about the moor, which is one of the historically distinct landscapes in this area:
"How eerie t'is to walk through the moor"
A moor is a mystical place, the perfect setting for gothic tales and marvelous scenery for paintings and photos. At the same time it is a habitat for unique animals and plants. People have always been fascinated by it but also afraid of it, with good reasons. The State Museum of Natural History has a special exhibition about the moor including some very rare exhibits such as bog bodies.


Restaurant Klinkerberg

Following the museum, we will have dinner in the stately Fürstensaal, at the restaurant Klinkerberg.


If you prefer a vegetarian meal, you must specify in registration.

One ticket to the Social Event is already included in the registration price. Non-attendance will not change the registration price. You may purchase an additional ticket if you wish to bring a guest.

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