Demo Night

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DASIP 2013

Conference on Design & Architectures for Signal & Image Processing


Demo Night

October 8, 2013
Cagliari, Italy


October 8, 2013
Cagliari, Italy

Francesca Palumbo, University of Cagliari, Italy
Gabriel Marchesan Almeida

During the DASIP 2013 Demo Night, universities and public research institutes are invited to demonstrate their hardware platforms, prototypes and tools. Demos shown at the Demo Night are accompanied by a short paper describing the demo and associated work, which are included in the conference Proceedings.

The goal of this event is to present collaborative projects and to show demonstrations. DASIP Demo Night includes a reception with a casual social environment conducive to friendly discussions and networking.

The Demo Night is included in the conference registration fee. Possibility to register for the Demo Night separately.

Conference venue
The Ghetto - Cultural Center
Via Santa Croce, 18
09100 Cagliari
Phone: 070 6670190


Design Space Exploration and Implementation of RVC-CAL Applications using the TURNUS framework

Simone Casale Brunet, Endri Bezati, Claudio Alberti,
Ghislain Roquier, Marco Mattavelli (EPFL),
Jorn W Janneck (Lund University),
and Jani Boutellier (University of Oulu)

Dynamic Source Code Analysis for Memory Hierarchy Optimization in Multimedia Applications

Christakis Lezos, Grigoris Dimitroulakos
(University of Peloponnese),
Angeliki Freskou (Ajax Compilers),
and Konstantinos Masselos (University of Peloponnese)

Evaluation of Driver Assistance Systems with a Car Simulator using a Virtual and a Real FPGA Platform

Philipp Wehner and Diana Goehringer
(Ruhr-University Bochum)

Framework for Fast Prototyping of Applications Running on Reconfigurable System on Chip

Jan Viktorin, Pavol Korcek, Vlastimil Kosar and Jan Korenek
(Brno University of Technology)

Networked Embedded Acoustic Processing System for Smart Building Applications

Sebastian Uziel, Thomas Elste, Wolfram Kattanek (IMMS),
Danilo Hollosi, Stephan Gerlach, and Stefan Goetze (IDMT)

A Noise-Agnostic Self-Adaptive Image Processing Application Based on Evolvable Hardware

Javier Mora, Ángel Gallego, Andrés Otero,
Eduardo de La Torre and Teresa Riesgo
(Universidad Politécnica de Madrid)

A Prototype of an Adaptive Computer Vision Algorithm on MPSoC Architecture

Éricles Rodrigues Sousa, Alexandru Tanase, Frank Hannig,
and Jürgen Teich (University of Erlangen-Nuremberg)

Prototype of a novel Steady-State Load Identification Technique for Digitally Controlled DC-DC Power Supplies

Andrea Congiu, Massimo Barbaro, Andrea Picciau
(University of Cagliari),
 Emanuele Bodano, and Dirk Hammerschmidt
(Infineon Technologies)

Spatial Edge Directed Video Deinterlacing

Prateek Murgai (Delhi Technological University)
and Maria Trocan (Institut Superieur d'Electronique de Paris)


DASIP 2013 is organized with the technical co-sponsorship of
the IEEE Signal Processing Society



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