Reconfigurable Computing Architectures

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DASIP 2010
Conference on Design & Architectures for Signal & Image Processing

November 26-28, 2010
Edinburgh, Scotland

Paolo Meloni – University of Cagliari, Italy
Mohamed Abid – ENIS SFAX, Tunisia
Sebastien Pillement – IRISA Rennes, France
Bertrand Granado – ETIS, Cergy, France


Nowadays applications require a high level of flexibility (data driven execution, various operating modes, adaptation to environment, …), posing the need for dynamic and flexible architectures. To allow this kind of adaptivity the architectural environment must provide support at different levels.

Management paradigms must be defined, capable of dynamically controlling the architecture, according to metrics of performances monitored at runtime, taking into account the dynamic evolution of applications.

Moreover, the functional blocks composing the hardware architecture (processing elements, memory, interconnect) must be capable of being reconfigured on the fly by the runtime manager.

Reconfigurable computing have become major subjects of research in computing and electrical engineering as it have been identified as a powerful alternative for creating highly efficient computing systems. This session aims to discuss theoretical and practical aspects of reconfigurable computing for image and signal applications . It seeks to promote the use of reconfigurable computing for research and industry covering from hardware architectures and devices to custom computers and high performance systems.

We propose a special session dedicated to papers addressing these design challenges:

  • Novel hardware- or software-based dynamic management algorithms,

  • Novel approaches to hardware reconfiguration at architecture- or component- level.

  • Models, methods, tools, and architectures (Multiprocessor Systems and Networks on Chip) for reconfigurable computing

  • Compilation, simulation, debugging, synthesis, verification, and test of reconfigurable systems

  • Evolvable hardware and dynamic reconfiguration (Reconfiguration techniques)

  • Algorithms implemented on reconfigurable hardware (Reconfigurable Computing for Security and Cryptography

  • Reconfigurable Computing for DSP and Communications

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