Best Paper & Poster Award

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DASIP 2010

Best Paper Award


Scheduling, Binding and Routing System
for a Run-Time Reconfigurable Operator Based Multimedia Architecture

Erwan Raffin (Technicolor Research & Innovation),
Christophe Wolinski, François Charot, Emmanuel Casseau (INRIA),
Krzystof Kuchcinski (Lund University),
Stéphane Guyetant and Stéphane Chevobbe (CEA, LIST)


This paper presents a system for application scheduling, binding and routing for a run-time reconfigurable operator based multimedia architecture (ROMA).We use constraint programming to formalize our architecture model together with a specific application program. For this purpose we use an abstract representation of our architecture, which models memories, reconfigurable operator cells and communication networks.We also model network topology. The use of constraints programming makes it possible to model the application scheduling, binding and routing as well as architectural and temporal constraints in a single model and solve it simultaneously. We have used several multimedia applications from the Mediabench set to evaluate our system. In 78% of cases, our system provides results that are proved optimal.

Best Paper Award - 2nd Place

A Wavelet-Based Demosaicking Algorithm for Embedded Applications
Sébastien Courroux, Stéphane Guyetant, and Stéphane Chevobbe (CEA, LIST)
and Michel Paindavoine (University of Bourgogne)

Best Paper Award - 3rd Place

Architectures and Signal Reconstruction Methods for Nanosecond Resolution Integrated Streak Camera in Standard CMOS Technology
Martin Zlatanski, Wilfried Uhring, Virginie Zint, Jean-Pierre Le Normand, and Daniel Mathiot (Institut d’Electronique du Solide et des Systèmes, InESS, University of Strasbourg and CNRS)

Best Paper Award - 4th Place

Design and Hardware Implementation of a Low-Complexity Multiuser Vector Precoder
Maitane Barrenechea and Mikel Mendicute (University of Mondragon), Luis Barbero (Queen's University Belfast), and John Thompson (University of Edinburgh)

Best Paper Award - 5th Place

Classification and Transformation of Dynamic Dataflow Programs
Matthieu Wipliez and Mickaël Raulet (IETR/INSA Rennes)

DASIP 2010

Best Poster Award


Hardware/Software Co-Design of H.264/AVC Encoders for Multi-Core Embedded Systems

Tiago Dias, Nuno Roma, and Leonel Sousa
(INESC-ID / IST-TU Lisbon)

This paper presents a multi-core H.264/AVC encoder suitable for implementations in small and medium complexity embedded systems. The proposed structure results from an efficient hardware/software co-design methodology, where the encoder software application is highly optimized and structured in a very modular and efficient manner, so as to allow its most complex and time consuming operations to be offloaded to dedicated hardware accelerators. The considered methodology adopts a simple and efficient core interconnection mechanism to easily allow the inclusion and the removal of such optimized processing cores. Experimental results obtained with the implementation in a Virtex4 FPGA of an H.264/AVC encoder using an ASIP IP core as a ME hardware accelerator have proven the advantages of this methodology. For the considered system, speedup factors greater than 15 were obtained with a very modest increase of the involved hardware resources.

Best Poster Award - 2nd Place Tie

Generation of Static Tables in Embedded Memory with Dense Scheduling
Benoît Miramond (ETIS Lab UMR 8051 ENSEA/CNRS/UCP) and Liliana Cucu-GrosJean (TRIO, INRIA Nancy-Grand Est)

Characterization of Capture Actions in Video Sequences
Ana Pinzari and Mohamed Shawky (Université de Technologie de Compiègne)


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