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DASIP 2009

Conference on Design & Architectures for Signal & Image Processing

October 22-24, 2009
Sophia Antipolis, France

Tuesday September 22ND at 10:00
The MARTE User Group will have its second meeting where the progress of the finalization task force (the beta 3 document has been presented at the OMG and should become the 1.0 version) will be presented. The current projects using the MARTE UML profile will be discussed as well as the actions the MARTE User Group has accomplished during the last year and the proposals for actions for next year.

Contact: Pierre Boulet, Pierre [dot] Boulet [at] lifl [dot] fr

IEEE P1076.1 Working Group Meeting
Tuesday September 22ND at 19:00
The IEEE P1076.1 Working Group has been created under the auspices of the IEEE Design Automation Standards Committee (DASC) with the charter to maintain the IEEE 1076.1 standard, also informally known as the VHDL-AMS hardware description language, and other related IEEE standards. The VHDL-AMS language is an extension of the IEEE 1076 (VHDL) standard that supports the description and the simulation of analog, digital, and mixed-signal circuits and systems. The working group is now developing the next 201X revision of the VHDL-AMS standard by collecting new requirements and aligning to the 1076-2008 standard. The meeting is open to all interested people.
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Contact: Alain Vachoux, alain [dot] vachoux [at] epfl [dot] ch

SPICE Workshop
Wednesday September 23RD 9:00-18:00
Title : Model-based construction, analysis and verification of mission critical systems.
The session will report on recent work addressing the use of precise modelling for engineering software-intensive real-time embedded systems.  Analysis, prediction, and verification activities, coupled to component-based implementation beneficial to  the development process for high-integrity systems will be detailed. The use of AADL (an SAE standard) as modelling language and its usage modalities, as well as a component-based embedded software technology  for the respective engineering activities will be covered. Experience reports will be provided. Link to certification criteria as DO178B will be highlighted.

Contact: Vincent Seignole, vincent [dot] seignole [at] gmail [dot] com

OSCI AMS Working Group Meeting
Wednesday September 23RD at 11:00
Friday September 24TH at 9:00

The OSCI AMS Working Group is responsible for the standardization of the SystemC AMS extensions, defining and developing the language, methodology and class libraries for analog, mixed-signal and RF modeling in SystemC. OSCI has released the AMS Draft 1 Standard introducing system-level design and modeling of embedded Analog/Mixed-Signal (AMS) systems. The group is currently enhancing its documentation for clarity and will update the AMS language reference manual. Next steps for the group include the development of a user's guide and to promote the creation of implementations of the SystemC AMS extensions. The meeting is open to all interested people.
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Contact: Alain Vachoux, alain [dot] vachoux [at] epfl [dot] ch

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