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DASIP 2008

Conference on Design & Architectures for Signal & Image Processing

November 24-26, 2008
Brussels, Belgium

Download the DASIP 2008 Conference Program in PDF

General Chairs:
MILOJEVIC Dragomir, ULB, Belgium

Vice General Chair:
MATTAVELLI Marco, EPFL, Switzerland

Program Co-Chair:
ARSLAN Tughrul, Univ. of Edinburgh, Scotland
GRANADO Bertrand, ETIS-ENSEA, France

The development of complex applications, involving signal, image and control processing, is classically divided into three consecutive steps: a theoretical study of the algorithms, a study of the target architecture, and finally the implementation. Such a linear design flow is reaching its limits due to the intense pressure on design cycle and strict performance constraints. The approach, called Algorithm-Architecture-Matching, aims to leverage the design flow by a simultaneous study of both algorithmic and architectural issues, taking into account multiple design constraints, as well as algorithm and architecture optimizations.

Introducing new design methodologies is necessary when facing the new emerging applications as for example advanced mobile communication systems or smart sensors based systems. This forms a driving force for the future evolutions of embedded system designs methodologies.

The research community in Europe addressing these issues is very active both in academy and industry. The goals of this conference are to present the latest results in the domain of design and architecture for signal and image processing and to initiate a regular meeting of European researchers addressing this topic.

The DASIP conference will give the opportunity for researchers to exchange the ideas and to build the collaboration on emerging topics and technologies. It also aims to strength the links between the European Information Society Technologies (IST) priorities and the researchers in the domain of design and architecture for signal and image processing.

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