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DASIP 2007

Conference on Design & Architectures for Signal & Image Processing

November 27-29, 2007
Grenoble, France

Download the DASIP 2007 Conference Program in PDF

General Co-Chairs:
Stéphane Mancini
Sébastien Roux

The DASIP Workshop results from the success for more than ten years of the French workshop on Algorithm-Architecture Matching. For the 2007 edition, this workshop is extended to the Europe in order to gather our community. The research community in Europe addressing these issues is very active both in academy and industry. The goals of this workshop are to present the latest results in the domain of design and architecture for signal and image processing and to initiate a regular meeting of European researchers addressing this topic.

Introducing new design methodologies is necessary when facing the new emerging applications as, for example advanced mobile communication systems or smart sensors based systems. This forms a driving force for the future evolutions of embedded system designs methodologies.

The DASIP Workshop will give the opportunity for researchers to exchange the ideas and to build the collaboration on emerging topics and technologies. It also aims to strength the links between the European Information Society Technologies (IST) priorities and the researchers in the domain of design and architecture for signal and image processing.

The DASIP Workshop is organized around eight technical oral sessions that cover essential aspects of design and architectures for signal and image processing applications. One industrial session has also been prepared. Besides, poster sessions will favour direct discussion between presenters.

The DASIP Workshop will held in Grenoble, at the Minatec Innovation Center, one of the european top center for innovation and expertise in micro and nanotechnology.

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