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Created in 2002, the Institute of Electronics and Telecommunications of Rennes (www.ietr.fr) is a multi-institutional research unit (CNRS, CentraleSupélec, INSA of Rennes, University of Rennes 1 and University of Nantes), which also hosts associated researchers from UBO, ESEO and CEREMA of Angers. It is also a multi-site research unit (Rennes, Lannion, Saint Brieuc, Saint Malo, Coëtquidan, Nantes, Angers and La Roche-sur-Yon), which includes 360 people (university members, researchers, PhD students, postdocs, engineers and administrative staff) up to 420 people taking account invited trainees and researchers.

IETR offers a wide thematic spectrum that covers the field of ICT from microelectronics, electromagnetic propagation, antennas and high frequency systems, microwaves devices, electromagnetic compatibility, communication systems to image processing automation, and active (radar) to passive (hyperspectral) remote sensing. Combining these expertises, IETR provides its institutional and industrial partners with a broad range of skills.

Widely involved in the international scientific community, the specificity of I.E.T.R lies in its ability to perform many full-scale experiments. IETR has an important set of technical and technological platforms which are unique in France and some in Europe: 4 near field (1-6 GHz) and far-field (1-20 GHz, 20-110 GHz) anechoic chambers, 1 millimeter-waves compact base, 1 reverberation and compatibility chamber, 2 RCS chambers for target characterization at X-Band, 1 microwave devices test bench and 1 materials structural analysis test bench (SEM, X-ray diffractometer, thermogravimeter and analysers, IR and UV/Visible spectrometers, helium pycnometer ...), 1 bio-electromagnetic dosimetry platform for wave-body interaction analysis, and different mass spectrometers for detection, recognition and molecular analysis ...
IETR also hosts a microelectronics cleanroom (130m2 - class 1000 & 100) and offers an outdoor experimental station (Monterfil - 30ha) equipped with HF-VHF radar systems and ionosphere channel sounders for propagation analysis. In this experimental station is deployed the new airborne platform (PIMA) which is to date an unique remote sensing facility in the European academic community.

Through its unique set of technical and technological platforms for performing experiments in real size and its strong scientific research activity both nationally and internationally, IETR has an attractiveness that wants to be more and more recognized. Its researchers cover the technological and scientific challenges that contribute to the society of tomorrow.

Website : www.ietr.fr/

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