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ConstRaint and Application
Framework for Tailoring
Embedded Real-time Systems

  • Seamless connectivity and middleware, by realizing a common middleware layer that is designed to support new wireless communication standards while being portable across different platforms
  • Ability to develop powerful design time solutions with notably shorter cycles, thanks to the unique tool chain delivered with reference middleware and hardware

Objectives & Methods:
Our objective is to guarantee secure, reliable, and timely system operation while conserving energy and introducing a very minimal run-time overhead. These are technological challenges of rapidly growing importance and vast market opportunities. To enable efficient exploitation of these opportunities, we propose an integrated back-annotation based forward system governance framework. This framework is shown bellow:


This proposal realises a predictable and flexible many-core platform with a run-time scalable execution environment. Some versions of the platform as well as the execution environment will be based on open technologies and standards and made publicly available.
The key R&D challenges include:

  • scalable parallel programming
  • application and middleware portability
  • system-wide performance predicatbility
  • power and technology awareness



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