Advances in Design and Specification Languages for Embedded Systems (FDL 2006)

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Embedded systems are meanwhile in the focus of industry in quite different application domains such as automotive, avionics, telecom, and consumer products. The need for a shift in design methodologies towards system level design is widely recognised and design flows aimed to an integration of software and hardware specification and implementation approaches are being developed.

Standardization efforts, such as SystemC Transaction Level Modelling and Model Driven Architecture of the OMG, provide the foundations of these new design flows. Design and specification languages are of utmost interest in the area of embedded systems and the Forum on Specification and design Languages has been once again been the main European event for the embedded systems and chip design community.

Advances in Design and Specification Languages for Embedded Systems
 is the latest contribution to the Chip Design Languages series and it consists of selected papers presented at the Forum on Specifications and Design Languages (FDL'06), which took place in September 2006 at Technische Universität Darmstadt, Germany. FDL, an ECSI conference, is the premier European forum to present research results, to exchange experiences, and to learn about new trends in the application of specification and design languages as well as of associated design and modelling methods and tools for integrated circuits, embedded systems, and heterogeneous systems. Modelling and specification concepts push the development of new methodologies for design and verification to system level, they thus provide the means for a model-driven design of complex information processing systems in a variety of application domains.

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Selected Contributions: 
Selected Contributions from FDL’06
Huss, Sorin Alexander
2007, X, 358 p., Hardcover
Price: 147,65€
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Preface: S.A. Huss.

Part I. Analog Mixed-Signal, Introduction: C.Grimm. 1.Compact Modeling of Emerging Technologies with VHDL-AMS: F. Krummenacher et al. 2.Baseband Modeling Using Multidimensional Networks in VHDL-AMS: J.Haase. 3.Verification-Oriented Behavioral Modeling of Non-Linear Analog Parts of Mixed-Signal Circuits: E. Kock et al. 4.Improving Efficiency and Robustness of Analog Behavioral Models: E.Barke et al. 5.ModelLib: A Web-Based Platform for Collecting Behavioural Models and Supporting the Design of AMS Systems: T.Mähne and A.Vachoux.

Part II. C / C++ Based System Design. Introduction: F.Oppenheimer. 6.The Quiny SystemC Front End: Self-Synthesising Designs: T.Schubert and W.Nebel. 7.Mining Metadata from SystemC IP Library: D.A.Mathaikutty and S.Shukla. 8.Non-Intrusive High-level SystemC Debugging: T.Berndt et al. 9.Transaction Level Modeling in Communication Engine Design: T.Mäkeläinen et al. 10.Object-Oriented Transaction Level Modelling: M.Radetzki.

Part III. Property Driven Design, Introduction: D.Borrione. 11.A Efficient Synthesis Method for Property-Based Design in Formal Verification: H.Eveking et al. 12.On-line monitoring of properties built on regular expressions sequences: K.Morin-Allory and D.Borrione. 13.Observer-Based Verification Using Introspection: E. M. Aboulhamid et al. 14.Formalizing TLM with Communicating State Machines: B. Niemann et al. 15.Different Kinds of System Descriptions as Synchronous Programs: J.Brandt and K.Schneider.

Part IV. UML-Based System Specification and Design, Introduction: P.van der Putten. 16.A Model-driven co-design flow for Embedded Systems: S.Bocchio et al. 17. A Method for Mobile Terminal Platform Architecture Development: T.Eriksson. 18. UML2 Profile for Modeling Controlled Data Parallel Applications: É.Rutten. 19.MCF: A Metamodeling based Visual Component Composition Framework: D.A. Mathaikutty and S.Shukla. 20.Reusing Systems Design Experience Through Modelling Patterns: H.Corporaal et al.

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